AutumnLeaves for Windows: ordering and registration

How to order and register AutumnLeaves

Your registration of AutumnLeaves is in two steps:
1. You first order AutumnLeaves on-line from Kagi. You will receive an email containing your personal registration code.
2. You enter your registration code in the AutumnLeaves program, as described below.

Ordering from Kagi

Kagi is an online store that makes it easy and safe to pay for software products. I cannot personally handle credit card, check and cash payments, but Kagi can. You can order AutumnLeaves using a secure form and a credit card, or alternatively by sending a check or even cash to Kagi. For information on the process of ordering a product please have a look at
To order AutumnLeaves online click:

If you do not want to use a credit card online, you can also use the Register application that comes with AutumnLeaves. The register application is located in the folder C:\Program Files\AutumnLeaves usually, unless you chose a different installation directory for AutumnLeaves You can mail or fax your order, or even send it using postal mail. Payment methods can be credit card, check, and even cash. You will also receive an email with your registration code. There is an example online of using the Register application for Snow for Windows. The procedure shown there is exactly the same for AutumnLeaves.

Registration information

When your order has been processed by Kagi you will receive an email from Kagi containing your personal registration code. (If you ordered online using a credit card you usually will receive this mail within a few hours.) You need to enter your registration code into the AutumnLeaves program to complete the registration process. Please follow these steps when you have received the registration email from Kagi:

  • Start AutumnLeaves if it is not running

  • Display the settings window. If the settings window is not visible double-click the little AutumnLeaves icon in the lower right of your screen. You should now have the AutumnLeaves window on your screen, with the "Register..." button in the lower left:

  • Click the button "Register...".

    A window opens where you can enter your name, a keyword and the registration code. It looks like this:

  • The keyword and the registration code are in the email from Kagi, look for something like this:
         Your registration code is:  xxxxxxxxxx
  • Type your name, the keyword (if given) and the registration code into the fields and click "OK".

    AutumnLeaves is now registered!

    Problems with registration

    Sometimes people experience difficulties registering. Here are a few things to check first, if your registration information is not accepted:
  • Be sure to type the registration code and keyword EXACTLY as in the email from Kagi.
  • See if your CAPS LOCK key is pressed (it should not be)
  • Be careful not to type extra spaces
  • Best is to type the registration information, and not to copy/paste the registration code and keyword. Often copy/paste results in extra spaces!

    If you experience problems registering please send me an email: and I'll do my best to help you out!

    Rick Jansen,