AutumnLeaves for Windows: User Guide

  • Installation, Removal
  • Start AutumnLeaves
  • Stop AutumnLeaves
  • Configuration
  • Registration
  • Where to find nice wallpaper pictures


    AutumnLeaves is installed as follows.
  • First you download the zip file "" to your computer.
  • You unzip with WinZip, or you simply double-click the .zip file.
  • Start the installation by double-clicking "Setup" and you will be guided through the installation process.
  • You will be asked for Yes or No for these two options:
  •    if you want an icon for AutumnLeaves on the desktop or not
  •    if you want to have AutumnLeaves start automatically when you start Windows
    AutumnLeaves will be installed in the "Programs" menu, so you can start AutumnLeaves by clicking the "Start" button in the lower left of your screen, then clicking "Programs" and then selecting AutumnLeaves.

    AutumnLeaves is UN installed as follows.

  • Click the "Start" button in the lower left of your screen, then click "Programs", then click "AutumnLeaves", then select "Remove AutumnLeaves". AutumnLeaves wil be removed from your computer.

    Automatically start AutumnLeaves and how to stop this

    While installing AutumnLeaves you will be asked the question:
    "Do you want AutumnLeaves to start automatically when you logon or start Windows?" If you choose "Yes" the leaves will start to fall the moment you logon to your computer.

    If you do not want AutumnLeaves to start automatically any more, best is to uninstall AutumnLeaves first, then re-install AutumnLeaves and answer "NO" when Setup asks you if you want AutumnLeaves must be started automatically.

    Help function

    AutumnLeaves contains a help function. right-click the mouse on a button or picture, and a button "What's this?" appears. Left-click that button and information is displayed. You can also click the "?" icon in the AutumnLeaves title bar, and then click the item you want information on.

    Start AutumnLeaves

    To start AutumnLeaves double-click the application icon: 

    When you start AutumnLeaves a little icon is added to the task bar at the right bottom of your screen:


    Stop AutumnLeaves

    You can stop AutumnLeaves by clicking the "Exit" button, or the little icon:  in the lower right of your screen with the right mouse button. A pop-up appears where you can click "Exit".


    When you double-click the icon :  in the lower right of your screen with the left mouse button you get the following window, where you can specify the settings:


    The icons have the following meaning:
         The number of leaves. With a registered copy the maximum is 100, else it's 5. Note that a realistic maximum is 25 on most computers, else the leaves may flicker.
         The "whirl" factor: how much the leaves move from right to left and vice versa
         The number of pixels a leaf moves right or left each time.
         The number of pixels a leaf falls each time.
         How thick the leaves will build up on windows. With a registered program the sky is the limit, else it's 15.
         How thick leaves will build up on the task bar. With a registered program the sky is the limit, else it's 15.
         Switch falling leaves on or off
         Wind or no wind
         If selected the leaves fall behind the windows, else they stop at the top of a window and don't fall through.
         Leaves on the windows (or not)
         Leaves on the task bar or not
         If the leaves tumble while falling, or not.

    Select the leaves you want to be falling by checking the boxes next to the leaves, chipmunks, mushrooms etc:

    You can change the leaves-mushroom ratio. This means you can make AutumnLeaves display more mushrooms than leaves, or vice versa. Or even only mushrooms. To make only mushrooms grow move the slider to the right.

    Control the wind and how fast AutumnLeaves runs:

    50: AutumnLeaves runs every 50 milliseconds by default (that is 20 times per second). If you make the number smaller the leaves will fall smoother, but it will use more CPU time. If you make the number larger the leaves will fall jerkier, but use less CPU. 
    30:  The third number is the minimum period in seconds between winds. Make the number larger and the wind will blow less often, make it smaller and wind will blow more often. This setting does not affect CPU usage.
    100:  This number tells how fast the wind grows in force. A bigger number makes the wind grow slower.
    6:  This is the time in seconds the wind actually blows, before slowing down again.
    100:  This number tells how quick the wind slows down. A bigger number makes the wind slow down slower.
    4:  This is the time in seconds it takes to stop the wind from full blast to zero.
    40: The maximum force of the wind.

    Save/Restore settings:

    Saves the current settings. Next time you start AutumnLeaves these settings will be used. (Saving the settings only works in registered programs.)
    Restores the settings as you saved them last time.
    Restores all settings to the default values.
    Sets the currently selected settings.
    Sets the currently selected settings and closes the dialog.
    After purchasing AutumnLeaves via Kagi you receive a registration code, that you can enter after clicking the Register button. See the description of the order and registration process.


    Try running AutumnLeaves with a nice picture on the desktop, for example a picture with a forest! Try
    these sites for nice wallpapers.
    Rick Jansen,