Welcome to Rick's Inflatable-tent page

Rick uses an inflatable tent on his camping trips. It's a genuine-canvas tent, 260x260 centimeters, with two thick rubber hoses from corner to corner. When those are inflated to 2 bar you get sort of an iglo-shaped tent that's ca 2 meters high. Here is how it goes:

Laying out a protective sheet, a pin on every corner.

While the electric compressor works we relax

When pressure rises we can pull the tent up


and push it into shape from the inside

Fixing the side flaps and the awning, and...


Information about inflatable tents can be obtained from:
  Karsten Tenten
  Dorpsstraat 111
  Zwaag   The Netherlands
  tel. +31-229-237199
Web: http://www.karstententen.nl/

Rick Jansen, rja@euronet.nl