Rick's Desktop Programs Privacy Statement:

None of the desktop programs collect any data. Consequently, no data is shared with anyone.

Snow for macOS let it snow on your desktop, on your windows and have Santa and his reindeer running around your screen for that extra Festive Season Cheer.
AutumnLeaves for macOS makes colorful autumn leaves fall on your desktop. The leaves pile up on your windows and on screen, while acorns drop, chipmunks scurry around and mushrooms and pumpkins (Halloween!) grow.
Hanami for macOS makes cherry blossoms gently fall on your desktop and on your windows to enjoy Japanese Hanami! A branch with blossoms is drawn at the top of the screen, and soon the blossoms start to fall. The petals pile up on your windows and at the bottom of the screen.
Rick Jansen, rick.jansen@xs4all.nl