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  • The PRO version has crossword, Scrabble/Wordfeud, "is", "super" and anagram search.
  • The Wordfeud version has Scrabble/Wordfeud search only, without further ado.
  • Words that are given names are displayed in blue, like "Abba".
  • "Available letters": enter your letters.
  • Use a dot '.' as a blank.
  • Use '@' for one or more missing letters (crosswords)
  • "ä", "ö", "å" are separate letters.
  • "Starts with", "Contains" and "Ends with": letters, words or word parts already on the board. Your letters are used to append new words.
  • "Letters on board": one or more letters "free" on the board. Each letter is tried in turn with your available letters to make a word. Example: "bee" and "pr" yields: 'beep', 'beer', 'bree', 'pee', 'reb', 'pe', 'ere', 'ree', 'er', 're',
  • Sort words by score, alphabet or word length using the arrow buttons.
    • DSSO: Den stora svenska ordlistan v. 1.46 (DSSO) by Göran Andersson, containing 429.576 words.
    • Wordfeud/DSSO: Wordfeud uses a subset of DSSO. That list, containing 417.132 words, is used here when "Wordfeud" is selected in the settings. (October 27th 2011)
    • 667.472 unique words in total
  • Does not require an internet connection.
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