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There are two Wordfeud/Scrabble versions available, and an extended "PRO" crossword+Scrabble/Wordfeud+Anagram+Rhyme version:

American English
178.691 words

International English
267.751 words

Click for PRO version, with Crossword
+Rhyme, etc.
  • "Available letters": enter your letters.
  • Use a dot '.' as a blank.
  • "Starts with", "Contains" and "Ends with": letters, words or word parts already on the board. Your letters are used to append new words.
  • "Letters on board": one or more letters "free" on the board. Each letter is tried in turn with your available letters to make a word. Example: "bee" and "pr" yields: 'beep', 'beer', 'bree', 'pee', 'reb', 'pe', 'ere', 'ree', 'er', 're',
  • Sort words by score, alphabet or word length using the arrow buttons.
  • The word list for American English is TWL06, containing 178.691 words.
  • The word list for International English is SOWPODS, with 267.751 words.
  • Both the USA and the English version contain all word lists: OSPD, TWL, ENABLE, SOWPODS, WWF, CSW, giving 271.767 unique words.
  • Does not require an internet connection.

Wordsfinder for crossword, Scrabble, Wordfeud, anagram and rhyme

There is an extended "PRO" "version available, with more words, usable for crosswords, Scrabble, Wordfeud, anagram and rhyme:

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