Let cherry blossoms gently fall on your desktop and on your windows and enjoy Hanami! A branch with blossoms is drawn at the top of the screen, and soon the blossoms start to fall. The petals pile up on your windows and at the bottom of the screen.

Hanami for Windows is both a screen saver and a desktop program, so you can enjoy the blossoms while you work!

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  • How to order and register
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    Size: 1186 kbyte
    Platform: Windows NT/98/95/ME/2000
    Version: What is new in
    Last updated: March 20th 2001


  • Get the zip file by clicking the download link above
  • Unzip on your PC
  • Double-click "Setup" and you will be guided through the installation process.
    Click here for more installation instructions.
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  • © 1999-2001 by Rick Jansen, all rights reserved.
    Hanami is a shareware program (US$ 2.50). If you like "Hanami" then please register via Kagi, using the  "register" program, which is included in the distribution. You can also register on-line with Kagi.

    The screen saver is included in the registration, you do not need to register separately.

    Hanami is not public domain software, all rights are reserved. However, distribution of the complete package, as is, including the register program and the accompanying documentation, is allowed freely.

    Purchase is once-only, further updates are free for registered users, without the need to register again.

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