iMaan for macOS / OS X version 1.0.3

Moon and sun (and optionally Earth) travel across your desktop, with proper rise and set times and moon phase for your location on Earth, using its built-in astronomy calculator. Moon and sun travel across your screen at their natural pace, and natural moon age, but you can speed them up, and make the moon spin very fast. Normally Moon and sun travel in an arc-shaped path, with settable horizon and elevation to match your desktop picture, or you can set the path to a straight line. Or, have them stationary in one location.

  • If you prefer to always have sun and moon on your desktop, you can tick a checkbox, so they repeat their path during the invisible time.
  • Resize the moon, sun and Earth.
  • If you like a tinted moon (or sun) there are sliders to change its color.
  • iMaan works well with more than one monitor.
  • The desktop is not disturbed, all desktop icons and windows are accessible normally.
  • iMaan does not collect any data from you. iMaan does ask you to access your location on Earth, once, as that is necessary to calculate the moon and sun rise and set times, and the moon's phase.

  • Platform: macOS / OS X
    Last updated: May 10th 2021
    Version: 1.0.3

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    What is new (1.0.3)

    • Manual selection of the location, in addition to Location Services
    • Fix for locations in the southern hemisphere

    What is new (1.0.2)

    • Moon: moves over your desktop, with proper rise and set times for your location on Earth. Actual illumination is shown for the moon age, or, optionally select your preferred moon age, or just have the Moon animate very quickly.
    • Sun: also moves across your desktop, with actual rise and set times for your geolocation.
    • If you like the sun and moon to always feature on your desktop you can make them "always visible", even if they are behind the horizon.
    • Earth: although the Earth does not feature in our sky you can have it on your desktop. Moving or stationary.

    Startup problems
    If iMaan does not startup or crashes at startup: hold down the option-key while starting the application.
    This will reset the preferences. Please contact me if you cannot resolve this.

    Multiple monitors
    To have the Moon on multiple monitors you need to have the checkbox in System Preferences -> Mission Control -> Displays have separate spaces OFF:

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