Xsnow 1.42

UPDATE 2021: a colleague of mine, Willem Vermin, has made an update that works on modern Linux.
Find the stable version on: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xsnow/
Bleeding edge/development: https://www.ratrabbit.nl/ratrabbit/xsnow/index.html
Xsnow is the X-windows application that will let it snow on the root, in between and on windows. Santa and his reindeer will complete your festive-season feeling.

December 2001:
All you KDE-users can now be even happier with a KDE-enabled Xsnow 1.42! The snow will magnificently wipe out your icons, but not to worry, they're not really gone. By wiping with a window or something you can make them reappear. Car owners are used to this for years. Thanks to Robin Hogan (R.J.Hogan@reading.ac.uk) who figured this out for xpenguin.

December 2000:
After 5 years here's a new Xsnow! The program has been around bit, and is now even making it snow on many windows machines, and we're not talking X-Windows or Macintosh here. So, it's about time for an improved (hopefully) version for X. Xsnow 1.41 works with modern X servers like XFree86, where older versions made snow build up somewhere in the sky at times, defying gravity. Xsnow 1.41 was tested with Linux (Suse 6.0), SUN Solaris 2.5.1, Silicon Graphics Irix 6.5. Please let me know if Xsnow does not behave on your system.

Xsnow 1.41 features a new Santa, many thanks to Thomas Linder (Thomas.Linder@gmx.net).

It is now possible to slow Santa down. See the option -santaupdatefactor

Feedback is very welcome: mail rick.jansen@xs4all.nl

Merry X-mas!

Get xsnow-1.42.tar.gz (36 kbyte) unpack with "gunzip"
Last program change: December 14th 2001

Get xsnow-1.41.tar.gz (36 kbyte) unpack with "gunzip"
Last program change: December 16th 2000

See the README for details and installation.

Frequently asked question: I start Xsnow but I don't see any snow?
Answer: Xsnow makes it snow on the X-window "root" window. That root window is often obscured by desktop managers, to display icons and tools. So, Xsnow works fine, you just cannot see the snow! See the README for details and possible solutions.
Copyright 1984, 1988, 1990, 1993-1995, 2000-2001 by Rick Jansen, all rights reserved.

This means Xsnow is available freely and you may give it to other people as is, but I retain all rights. Therefore it does not classify as 'Public Domain' software. It *is* allowed to package Xsnow for Unix/Linux distributions, CD-Roms etc, and to make the necessary changes to makefiles etc. to facilitate this.

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Rick Jansen, rick.jansen@xs4all.nl