Hanami version


Let cherry blossoms gently fall on your desktop and on your windows and enjoy Hanami!
A branch with blossoms is drawn at the top of the screen, and soon the blossoms start to fall.
The petals pile up on your windows and at the bottom of the screen.

The last update was in 2001, so after 21 years this true classic is back on my desk, and hopefully on yours!

Hanami for Windows nestles itself in the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen with this icon:

Double-click it to show the settings, right-click to exit.
Click for the (old) userguide: [UserGuide for v1.0.0.9]

Hanami for Windows is available for €0,99 via the Microsoft Store: click to buy Hanami for Windows

Privacy statement: Hanami for Windows does NOT collect any data, consequently, no data is shared with other people or parties.

Platform:Windows 10 Version: Last updated: February 4th 2022

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