Hanami for iPhone


Hanami - falling cherry blossoms on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Enjoy watching blossoms in any season, with Mt. Fuji in the background.


  • Falling cherry blossoms, piling up
  • Lots of settings
  • Background photo is scalable, movable
  • Rotate device

double-tap the screen for settings

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Coming features

  • shake your iPhone to shake the flowers off the tree
  • move the fallen petals with your fingers or by moving your iPhone

  • History

    v 1.0 August 18th 2008: initial version
    v 1.1 September 3rd 2008: settings page, different colors flowers, fixed a small memory leak, fixed scrolling
    v 1.2 September 12th 2008: settings in Hanami itself, fixed settings/scroll-zoom combination

    © 1999-2008 by Rick Jansen, all rights reserved.
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