iSnow for iPhone


Let it snow and have Santa and Rudolf fly around, while snow piles up. Maybe there's a polar bear somewhere too. You can move the image around, and scale it to your liking with your fingers. Relax looking at the gently falling snow, or put your iPhone or iPod Touch in it's stand on your desk and have snow falling over your favorite photo.


  • Falling snow, piling up
  • Santa and Rudolf (red nose is optional)
  • Polar bear
  • Snow drops
  • Lots of settings for snow, Santa, Rudolf, bear and snow drops
  • Background photo is scalable, movable
  • Pick your own photo for the background

double-tap the screen for settings

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v 1.0 December 5th 2008: initial version

© 1984-2008 by Rick Jansen, all rights reserved.
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